Air compressor Filter Element

Air Filter is used to removing the impurities from air Compressor machines. It acts as a barrier for contaminants. It is known as line filters. Regulator and oiler are combined to form an air set. Different filters are available for different compressor machines. Harmful substances such as dust, oil, rust and etc need to be filtered out. These substances damage the quality of air in compressor machines. Therefore air compressor filters are used to filter out calamities. The filtration process involves three main processes.

  1. Tube shaped mesh : The compressed air is passed through tube shaped mesh. The bigger particles are absorbed here. 95% of impurities are absorbed.
  2. Separation Chamber: Here the air is slowed down and the air is passed through the drainage systems for final process.
  3. Electric drain valve: It is the final stage. The filtered air and water droplets are filtered out.

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