Air Compressor Gear

A wheel-like machine with the cut tooth. The cut tooth mesh with other cut teeth in a circular motion. They produce torque while rotating. This torque emitting machine is renowned as Gear. The other informal name of gear is Cog. To produced high power air tool in air compressor machines gears are used. The different types of air compressor gear machines are Atlas Copco gear, Ingersoll rand gear, Sullair gears and etc. Timing gears are used in Rotary screw compressor gears. Camshaft and crankshaft are two main important components of timing gears. These two main components are responsible for gear timings. Gears in compressor machines have increased the compressor machines efficiency and stability. The working power of compressor machines had been increased.

These gear-based machines are not new in the air Field. They are introduced 70 years earlier. Sullair is based on the continuous rotary sweeping process. Sullair is owned by Hitachi, an American-based company. We are an importer and supplier of Atlas Copco, Ingersoll rand, Sullair and etc, Air compressor gears from Mumbai, India. We provide it in bulk.


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